Menstrual Cups: Tips for Sizing, Folding, and Choosing Your First Cup

menstrual cup guide

Welcome to the world of menstrual cups!

If you are long time users of tampons or sanitary pads, you will most likely go through an adjustment period (no pun intended) but believe us when we say, menstrual cups will change your life - for the better, both environmentally and financially.

One of the most asked questions when considering a menstrual cup is, “what size should I get?” Similar to choosing our clothes and our shoes, the detail is in the fit.

Most menstrual cups come in two sizes, Small (S) and Large (L) - below are some recommendations on how you might be able to determine what size would be the best fit for you.

Age: Teens or Young Adult

For teenagers and young adults, you may find Small (S) suitable but you may want to read on for other considerations. 

Flow: Light or Heavy

Light Flow: You use small or regular tampons or slim sanitary pads, changing them a few times a day (5-6 times). 

You can give Small (S) a go. 

Heavy Flow: You are likely using super tampons or maxi sanitary pads, changing them frequently during the day and night (6 or more times). 

You might feel more protected with a Large (L).

Cervix Position: High or Low

Determining the height of your cervix can help you find your right menstrual cup size. For those with a low cervix, you may find a Small (S) size menstrual cup more comfortable, and for those with a high cervix can look towards Large (L). 

To figure out the height of your cervix, simply follow the steps below. Make sure you do this when you have your period, for accuracy. Pro tip: try this in the shower to avoid the clean up afterwards! 

Step 1: Wash your hands

Step 2: While on your period, insert your longer finger into the vagina and feel for the cervix - it should feel like the tip of your nose (round and soft). 

*If you do this process during your fertile window (i.e. in the middle of your cycle), you may feel a different texture. You may feel more your cervix is more soft, high, open, and wet, feeling more like your lips than your nose. 

Step 3: Note how far your finger is inside, and remove your finger. Either use a thumb or grab a pen to mark the point at which your cervix was felt. Measure this length with a ruler. 

Step 4:   Align your measurements with the table below to determine your cervix height.

Measured Height Cervix Height
55mm (2.25″) or higher
 High Cervix 
45 mm (1.8″) – 55 mm (2.25″) Average Cervix 
44 mm (1.6″) or lower
Low Cervix


menstrual cup folds


Easy menstrual cup folds

When starting out, practice inserting a few different folding methods until you find the one you are most comfortable with. Mentally prepare for a few attempts before finding the right fit, but rest assured,  inserting and removing your cup will become an easy routine in no time. Here's a few popular folding methods to try.

Menstrual cup C fold fermata

1. C Fold 

The most common method used and voted the favorite in our fermata family. You can fold it with one hand, making it a quick trick for those on the go. However, this fold can easily pop open before you want it to, so it may not be the best fold for beginners. It also has one of the widest at the point of insertion when folded, so if you're worried about the size, try the Punchdown Fold in the next method below.

To try the C Fold, fold your cup in half so that the lips touch together, then slowly bend the cup in half again lengthwise. You will see that the point of insertion looks like a C from the top. 

Menstrual cup punch down fold fermata

2. Punchdown Fold

The Punchdown fold creates one of the smallest areas of insertion, which is great for beginners.

For this fold, start by holding the body of your cup in one hand. With your free hand, place your finger on the rim of the cup and push it down towards the base. Pinch it to hold the position until you start inserting the cup inside your vagina.

Menstrual cup 7 fold fermata

3. 7 Fold

This technique makes a smaller insertion area than the C fold, making it a favorite for young teens and beginners. It also gives you more control over when you want the cup to pop open.

Use both hands to pinch the rim of your cup flat. Then take one side and fold it diagonally d towards the base of the cup until it forms a ‘7’ shape with the lips of the cup.

Menstrual cup origami fold fermata

4. Origami Fold

This one also has a small insertion point, similar to the Punch Down fold, but pops open easily like the 7 Fold. However, this folding method is known as the most fun to fold, hence the name! 

Hold your cup upright, then push the front rim halfway down inside the cup. Take the right corner of the cup and bring it down to the base of the left side.
    menstrual cup in cervix fermata

    Pro tips for insertion and removal 

    When inserting your cup, slide it in and back at an angle towards your tailbone and not straight up. Once the cup is completely inside, let the cup pop open to create a seal between the cup and the vaginal wall.

    The cup should be positioned lower than a tampon. Most importantly, it should feel comfortable! Feel free to move it higher or lower, depending on where it feels best for you. The stem can sit inside or outside your vaginal wall — it all depends on your preference.

    For removal, the key is to relax. After you wash your hands, use your fingers to find the base (or stem) of the cup. Pinch the base of the cup to break the seal. The EVE menstrual cup is designed with air holes to release pressure for an easier removal. 

    If you have a hard time locating the base of your cup, try bearing down through the pelvic floor. This can help push the cup downwards, making it easier to catch with your fingers.

    Slowly pull out the cup, empty the menstrual blood, and clean the cup with a gentle soap or cup cleanser. For your first few tries, practice removing it in the shower. 

    Still have questions? Feel free to ask our fermata team in our community, Taboo Table Talk or shoot us an email at