Vogue: Why adding masturbation to your self-care regime may increase your happiness and self-confidence

Overcoming sexual stigmas through self-care

Desire, arousal, pleasure and satisfaction don’t just apply within the context of partnered sex, and that’s where self-intimacy comes in.

“It’s not exactly a secret that masturbation is amazing and should be an essential part of self-care,” shares Dr Amina Sugimoto, founder of Asian femtech company, Fermata, which empowers women through sex-positive products such as vibrators, menstrual cups and fertility technology solutions. “When we orgasm, our brains release a whole host of feel-good chemicals that offer a state of calm and well-being.”

Masturbation and orgasms specifically relieve stress, ease pain, release sleep-inducing chemicals and regulate mood, with the body awash in the neurochemical, oxytocin, with every orgasm.

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