[Press Release] Femtech Fes! 2022 is back

Double the size, double the femtech - the world’s largest physical femtech exhibition and conference continues to transform taboos into triumphs in Tokyo this month. 

Tokyo, Japan October 3, 2022 - fermata, the world’s first multi-faceted femtech platform based in Japan and Singapore, will bring its third edition of the largest femtech industry conference - Femtech Fes! - featuring innovative technologies supporting women’s health and wellbeing in Tokyo's thriving neighborhood, Roppongi Hills. 

From October 14-16 2022, around 200 global companies will be displayed in one space to provide awareness and education around the many different aspects of femtech, health and wellbeing. The three days are split into two categories with the first day being open to “B2B” consisting of government officials, corporate clients, medical professionals and more; and the remaining two days open to the public. 

With travel restrictions being lifted in Japan, over 15 CEOs and founders from around the world are expected to attend the exhibition for the first-time, and will be given the opportunity to speak at the conference. They include:

    • Keren Leshem, CEO of OCON Healthcare 
    • Eric David Dy, CEO of Bloomlife Inc
    • Stephanie Schull, CEO of Kegelbell
    • Kristina Cahojova, CEO of Lady Technologies Inc, (Kegg)
    • Anna Kim Lee, Cofounder of Smartbod Incorporated (Lioness)
    • Dr Brittany Barreto, Cofounder, Executive Director, Podcast Host of Femtech Focus
    • Hilla Shaviv, CEO of Gals Bio Ltd
    • Ivonne Altamirano, COO of Inne
    • Rosanne Longmore, CEO of Coroflo
    • And many more! 

The theme for this Femtech Fes! will be the same as last year’s exhibition: The Femtech Intersection - a place where your taboos will be transformed into triumphs, and where consumers and founders can come together to learn more about each other from an end-consumer and potential market-entry perspective. 

Alongside the exhibition will be a variety of in-person conferences featuring a line-up of thought-leaders, founders and industry professionals who will speak about their vision for the femtech industry, and around an array of topics from menstruation to healthcare data and security. 

For global femtech enthusiasts wanting to be involved in Femtech Fes! 2022 and are unable to attend this year, can expect various online activities to take place fermata’s Linkedin page.

An event to look forward to is, “A Call For Inclusive Sexual Education in Asia” where panelists from Malaysia, Japan and Australia are set to speak about the importance of inclusive sexual education for youths and beyond within Asia, and why we should transform this taboo into a triumph.

More to come, stay tuned on www.linkedin.com/hellofermata

Last year was the first time since the global pandemic that fermata held the first physical Femtech Fes! event where 157 products and services from 27 countries were exhibited and received over 1,500 foot traffic over three days. This year, the foot traffic is expected to double in number. 


Femtech Fes! 2022

Date: October 14*, 15, 16 2022

Time:  11:30 - 18:00 Conference / 13:30 - 19:30 Exhibition

Venue: Academy Hills 49F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6152

Admission: Free however registration is required at https://femtechfes2022.peatix.com 

Official Website: https://hellofermata.com/pages/femtech2210 

*October 14th is a closed and paid business day, however if you would like to attend - you can contact info@hellofermata.com 

What is Femtech?

Femtech is a term derived from the words “female” and “technology”. It generally refers to devices, apps, products and services that use technology to address health issues specific to women such as menstruation, pregnancy, fertility, menopause and more. The global femtech market has been rapidly expanding over the last few years and is expected to reach US$1.86 trillion by 2027.

About fermata inc: 

Our vision is to “turn taboos into triumphs”, making femtech largely accessible and accepted.

fermata is a femtech ecosystem based in Japan and Singapore. We are a multi-faceted platform that provides high-quality solutions on a marketplace, product distribution & localisation support and B2B consulting.

Since its founding in 2019, we have built partnerships with international femtech hubs and established a network of over 2,000 companies worldwide with an aim to improve a woman’s quality of life. Our global team’s expertise spans across public health, community development and various industry fields which has contributed to the growth of the company and our reputation of being a femtech thought leader in Asia.

Media Contact:

Francesca Geary

Country Director, fermata Singapore