Trial Report : 1 week Fertility Boot Camp

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Lumirous :  Fertility online coaching in Malaysia

Trial Report of Lumirous 1 week TTC Boot Camp!

(Upcoming Boot Camp: 19-26 Mar 2022)

Hello everyone!
My name is Aileen, member of fermata Singapore community and currently living in the Philippines.

I participated in the Fertility Boot Camp in October 2021, and I'd like to share with you the contents of the program, my impressions of it, and what I liked about it.

What is the Fertility Boot Camp?  

The Fertility Boot Camp is a lifestyle improvement program for women who want to get pregnant whether in the future or in the present, aimed at improving their fertility in one week, and is offered by Malaysia startup company, Lumiros, who provides fertility online coaching services.

The program includes

Yoga class every day at 8:00pm. 20 minutes a day at home via ZOOM. 
Daily Meal Consultation: Sending snapshots and reporting the details of three meals a day. Receive advice from a nutritionist at the end of the day.
Sleep Time ManagementReport on your sleep time. Sleep at least 7 hours, preferably during the Cinderella time.
Online Q&A session with pregnancy specialist: Zoom group Q&A online session with fertility specialist.

The duration of the program is 7 days. It is provided via online so I could  participated from the Philippines remotely.  Please visit Lumirous official site or Instagram for more information about the program and the upcoming schedules. 

My personal review of the program

<Yoga Program>

Yoga is a great way to get rid of lack of exercise, with poses that are good for fertility and menstrual cramps. Although morning is always busy in everyday life, I got used to doing yoga every morning, and I even felt a sense of comfort. Even if you've had a bad day or still want to sleep, your mind will feel refreshed if you move your body even a little.

< Daily Meal Consultation>

Take a picture of each meal with your smartphone, write down the details, and send it via whatsapp group. I received advice and guidance from the nutritionist at the end of the day.

It was fun for the first few days, but it turned out a challenge for me as I started feeling tedious.  However, I was encouraged by seeing the efforts of my fellow participants and enjoyed continuing it with them.
I also felt a little embarrassed because I had never had someone check my diet before, but the advice I received from the nutritionists was all very useful and I learned a lot.

<Sleep time>

I reported my daily sleep time every day, too. While doing it, I came to understand my own sleeping hours and habit and realized I had not been having enough sleep. Now I try to secure sufficient time for sleep for my physical and mental health. Sleeping time is important, isn't it?


Although it was only a short period of one week, it was a good opportunity for me to review my daily life, face my body and health, and look at myself.
It was sometimes tedious to attend morning yoga sessions and report three meals every day, but I feel value to get feedback from the experts and to have a group of people working hard together.

This Boot Camp is recommended to 

Those who are currently trying to conceive.
Those who want to change their lifestyle for their future pregnancy.
Those who want to change their diet and exercise routine but find it difficult to do so
Those who suffer from menstrual cramps or PMS

Upcoming Boot Camp & Seminar schedule

  • March 19th (Sat) - 26th (Sat)  2022: Boot Camp

Book the class at  +60(0)17-709-2370

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