Six Different Ways to Own your Period



Examples from six  menstruators on the fermata team 

Riding the wave of the period revolution is empowering, with the arrival of menstrual cups, period underwear and reusable liners it has been a game changer for many menstruators and their period routine.

People praise the convenience of a menstrual cup, the comforts of period underwear and the sweet relief of knowing when your period will arrive with a cycle tracking app. 

And, we’re celebrating the new culture of openness, the bravery and the support in owning our periods and bodies - it’s about time! 

Although having an upgraded array of period products is a net positive for those who do bleed, it can be overwhelming especially if you are uncertain what works for you. Every person is different, every period is different - your lifestyle, sexual health and even living situation can change one’s period routine. 

In light of Menstrual Hygiene Day, the fermata team is sharing our period routines; what products we like and prefer and when we use them based on our unique menstrual flow. Even on the same team, you’ll see we all have our own hack for dealing with the monthly crimson wave.

Not sure what your period fix is yet? Take our quick and easy What’s Your Period Fix Quiz to help you get started. You can also browse our Period Health category to see if there is anything you want to try. 

Period Fix #1 brought to you by: Viracha Poolvaraluk, Marketing Manager at 

Viracha fermata manger

fermata Singapore 

Might be for you if: you lead an active lifestyle and like to exercise during your period. 

“I try to sync my exercise with my period cycle - e.g. yoga during my period when my body needs to slow down and HIIT during ovulation when my energy surges.”

Viracha’s Period Fix:

  • Pre-Period: I wear period panties on days I might be expecting my flow to arrive. This helps ease worries of unexpected leaks and saves me running to the bathroom to check.
  • Day 1: I usually have the worst cramps on this day so I love a high-waisted period panty to hug the belly. I wear one throughout the day and change into a new one at night. 
  • Day 2: Once the cramps begin to subside, I bring in slow moving activities like yoga or swimming. The menstrual cup is perfect for any activity, even in the water - I usually wear a cup on days where I invite movement into my body.
  • Day 3 to 5: Depending on my mood and flow, I switch between menstrual cups, period panties and reusable pads during the day, but at night, I stick to period panties (for heavy flow) to give me that extra boost of protection. I haven’t experienced any leaks with them. 
  • For any spotting: Reusable liners, always. I love the ones from B-corp company: Aisle
period fix

    *Period Panties Hygiene Tip* Apprehensive about sticking them in the wash? I rinse them in the shower, there is something therapeutic about washing it all down the drain after a long day. 

    Period Fix #2 brought to you by: Francesca, PR/Marketing for fermata Singapore 

    Fran fermata manager

    Might be for you if: you have a heavy flow or have an unpredictable flow and love white bedsheets.

    “Recently my period has affected my mood and I find myself feeling quite low and lethargic. I try to give myself a break, and speak words of encouragement. It’s okay to do as little as possible - my body is doing a lot as it is.”

    Francesca’s Period Fix:

    •  Pre-Period: The beginning of my period is slow releasing so I know I can give myself a couple of days from when I see a bit of spotting. I recently just bought myself leak-proof panties so I put them on if I am going out during the day for protection. Around this time, I also soak my menstrual cup.
    • Day 1 to 3: I use menstrual cups day and night. I was a serial tampon user until I discovered menstrual cups and never looked back. I love the convenience of it especially when I am out of my house. Plus, there is no smell upon removal because the blood is not mixing with any synthetics.
    • Day 4: Ever since I implanted an IUD, day two of my period is extremely heavy so I will change out the menstrual cup several times a day and add in leak-proof panties for extra security. My cup has runneth over a couple of times, once in the day and once at night all over our pristine white sheets. Leak-proof panties definitely give both me and my husband peace of mind. 
    •  Day 5: Around this time, I am back to spotting so I go back to disposable panty liners but I think I am going to be adding reusable liners to my cart pretty soon!

    *Period Panties Hygiene Tip* I do the toilet paper “tap tap” when I go to the bathroom. Sometimes when there’s clots or blots of blood hovering on the gusset (i.e. crotch seam) 

    period fix heavy flow

    Period Fix #3 brought to you by: Akane, Business Development Manager of fermata Japan 

    Akane fermata manager

    Might be for you if: you experience furious premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and feel quite tired on the first few days of your cycle.

    “For some reason, I get super sleepy during my second day but in case of naps, I always wear my night-time period panties”

    Akane’s Period Fix: 

    • Day 1: I get furious PMS on this day - so watch out! During the pandemic lockdown, I started to turn towards period panties for comfort. I love wearing period panties by Period (from Japan) and Proof (from US). 
    • Day 2: Usually I find myself getting super sleepy, not sure why so in case I take naps during the day, I wear night-time period panties - EVE’s high waisted panties are great for both day and night wear. 
    • Day 3 to 5: On much lighter flow days, I switch to wearing a menstrual cup and regular underwear. 

    Period Fix #4 brought to you by: Naomi, Country Manager for fermata Singapore  

    Naomi fermata country manager

    Might be for you if: you are a mother (stay-at-home or working!)

    “I need products that support me at a desk and around the house picking up after the kids. The life of a working mum doesn’t stop but neither does my period.”

    Naomi’s Period Fix: 

    • Pre-Period: A couple of days before my period arrives, I clip on Aisle’s reusable liners to feel safe.
    • Day 1: Minor cramps with a touch of emotional sprinkles. While I don’t have anything to help with my moodiness yet  - EVE’s high-waisted organic panties hug my belly and keep me feeling secure, lessening the bloating and discomfort. 
    • Day 2: On the heaviest day, I use a period cup from Saalt and double up protection with period underwear from a Japanese brand, Period
    • Day 3: Depending on my mood, I switch between a menstrual cup, period panties and reusable liners. 

    *Period Panties Hygiene Tip* Change whenever you want! You don’t have to stick to recommended hours. Every period is different. Prepare an extra pair (or two) with you so you can worry less and listen to your flow.

    Period Fix #5 brought to you by: Haruka, Marketing Coordinator for fermata Japan 

    Haruka fermata manager

    Might be for you if: you are on the  contraceptive pill or have a light flow.

    “I only started paying attention to my period after using leak-proof panties”

    Haruka’s Period Fix:

    • Pre-Period: When I know my period is approaching, I start by wearing EVE’s period panties
    • Day 1 onwards: Once I started paying attention to my period and the flow, it gave me the confidence to start taking oral contraceptives to make my life easier. Since taking them, my flow is manageable so I just have to stick to my period panties. 

    Period Fix #6 brought to you by: Lia, Global Business Manager for fermata Japan 

    Lia fermata manager

    Might be for you if: you are on your feet most of the day (running around or standing).

    I started taking notes in a journal about my overall wellness recently documenting my mood and how my body is reacting.”

    Lia’s Period Fix:

    • Pre-Period to Day 1: I get vaginal cramps usually the day before or on the first day. I’ve been using menstrual cups (Saalt and just started Hello Cup) but I definitely want to purchase period panties soon. 
    • Day 2 to 5: During the first two days, I noticed I bleed about 15-30ml and about 5-10ml on the third and fourth day with light spotting on the fifth. Before using the menstrual cup, I didn’t know  - or care about how much blood I was losing. Usually I will try to keep up with my daily cardio but sometimes, my body is calling for a break - so I take it.

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