Femtech Fes! 2021 (Tokyo) ~Tips to enjoy from Singapore and outside Japan


The largest femtech event is happening on 22, 23, 24 October 2021 in Tokyo, produced by fermata Inc.

If you are outside Japan and no chance to visit, no worries! There are the ways to enjoy the event virtually. fermata Singapore will assist you to navigate!  

 What is femtech fes?

The femtech industry was born out of the diverse needs of women. Around the world, many innovators are taking new approaches and incorporating the latest technologies to solve long-existing health issues faced by women.

Femtech Fes! 2021 is organized by fermata Inc, an unprecedented opportunity to discover the latest global femtech solutions.
Approximately 150 companies from around the world will be on display in the event Exhibition. Find more at the official event page 

Discover what may turn your taboos into triumphs.

 Tips to enjoy Femtech Fes!  from outside Japan

1. Take a quick peek of exhibitors participated from South East Asia.

Singapore (4)

  • Elocare:  EloCare utilizes Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and AI technology to develop connected and smart healthcare solutions for menopausal care and healthy ageing
  • SHE Period:  SHE Period is a brand of sustainable menstrual products. SHE Menstrual Disc is the evolution of menstrual cups and it can be used during sex. Menstruation isn’t a synonym of shame, it's a symbol of empowerment. 
  • ZazazuZaZaZu is the first sexual wellbeing hub in ASEAN to guide women to explore, experiment and enhance their sexual journey through education, consultation, and curation of products based on individual needs. 
  • SHY.SG : SHY.SG created an anonymous forum platform for Singaporeans to discuss anything sexual health and wellness-related. It also connects them with professionals like subject-matter experts and doctors.

Malaysia (1) 

  • Lumirous: Lumirous is an online platform for fertility support from Malaysia and provides fertility coaching session for all women and couple who want to have a baby now or future. Fertility is still a sensitive and personal topic so Lumirous offers a place that people can easily access the professionals and get physical and emotional support. 

Indonesia (1) 

  • Sehati : Sehat Indonesia is an integrated healthcare solution that combines innovation, effective technology and community empowerment. Portable CTG that can be used by midwives and doctors in both rural as well as urban area to monitor fetal well-being and provide a high quality of maternal health services.

    2. Join Femtech Fes! Tour via Instagram Live  

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    🎥 IG Virtual Tour at the Femtech Fes! venue from the entrance to the Exhibition spaces

    🎥 Highlights of Exhibits

    🎥 Q&A talks with fermata Japan and Singapore team


    3. Book free webinars presented by fermata Singapore (conducted in English) on 22 & 23 October. 

     Session 1: Date: Friday October 22 at 7PM (Singapore Time) 

    "Pan-Asian Panel on the State of Healthcare for Women"

    Women’s healthcare has become more important than ever, especially within Femtech over seven years. With a strong presence growing in the US and Europe, Femtech in Asia is on the rise. But what is the current healthcare for women like?

    Join us as we sit with panelists from Thailand, India, Japan and Singapore to discuss more about the current healthcare options, the challenges and potential growth opportunities for women.

    ● Viracha Poolvaraluk, Founder of Vira Thailand.
    ● Deep Bajaj, Founder & CEO at Sirona Hygiene

    ● Francesca Geary-Stingl, PR/Marketing at fermata Singapore 

     **Book the free ticket from https://femtechfeswithfermatasg.peatix.com/view


    Session 2: Date: Saturday October 23 at 7PM (Singapore Time)

    "Con(tra)ception - Getting and Avoiding Pregnancy with Femtech"

    It’s a new era for fertility - with innovative Femtech products and tech, users are able to take control of their cycles, giving them access to make informed decisions with their fertility.

    Want to learn more about Con(tra)ception and what products & information could be available for you? This is a discussion you don’t want to miss.


    • Viracha Poolvaraluk,  Founder of Vira Thailand.
    • Dr. Huang Zhoungwei: OB/GYN Clinician Scientist NUS Yong Loo Ling School of Medicine

    ● Francesca Geary-Stingl, PR/Marketing at fermata Singapore

     **Book the free ticket from https://femtechfeswithfermatasg.peatix.com/view