[CLOSED] Looking for beta testers for digital well-being app!

Digital Well-Being App Trial: To understand the effects of fatigue, anxiety on your mental health 

(app image - English version to be provided)


fermata inc. is conducting research on behalf of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS, inc in Japan.


The purpose of the study is to broaden the understanding of the effect on fatigue, anxiety and mental health through a well-being app. 


During the month-long trial, you will be required to use the app twice a day, at minimum. You will be asked to answer questions based on your current stress level, fatigue and anxiety. 

We may reach out to you for a 1-1 interview to ask about your experience with the app and if you have feedback. The interview will be one hour max with additional reward. 


The risk you run by participating in this interview is minimal, if not none at all. You are free to skip any question that makes you uncomfortable, or stop and exit the interview at any time. Please read below for more information around data use. 


  • Singapore residents (citizens, PR, Long Term Pass holders are allowed).
  • Open to all genders and ages between 21 to 59 years old. 
  • Must be an iPhone user or have a device with iOS 
  • Should you be available to engage in beta testing for one month (30 days), we encourage you to complete the survey and provide feedback.


For beta testers who complete the full trial, there will be a SG$110.00 appreciation fee.


Your participation in this study is voluntary.  You may refuse to answer any question for any reason without it being held against you. Your decision whether or not to participate will have no effect on your current or future connection with anyone at fermata inc.



Please send your full name, email address and your consent to participate by submitting Google Form here. Those who are chosen to participate in the trial will receive an email from fermata Inc by end of April.

Information on Data Use


The app requests for users’ age and gender. While using the app, the app takes photos and movies to scan the redness of cheeks and fingers so it can analyze the balance of autonomic nerves, sympathetic nerves, and parasympathetic nerves to evaluate fatigue level of users.

The photos and movies won’t be saved and shared to third parties. A report including findings from our interview will be given to our client in Japan, and will not be disclosed to the public, unless required by law and regulation.

Your name and the name of your organization will NOT be shared and anonymised. The interview will be recorded and only members of fermata inc. will have access to the raw data.

You may have access to a section of the report that corresponds to your interview, but only upon request and the report will be in Japanese.

If you have any questions regarding the research, please contact Mari Murakami at mari@hellofermata.com.