EVE period panty in natural and black
EVE period panty natural color on model
EVE period panty natural color on model
EVE period panty black color back display
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EVE period panty natural color inside box

Organic Period Panty - EVE

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Brand: EVE


The most popular period underwear from the fermata store in Japan! Eve’s organic period panty has a high-waist design that comfortably supports the lower belly during menstruation and is made with 4 layers of organic and natural bamboo textile, giving it an outstanding ability to absorb and breathe.

It can absorb water up to 5 ml instantly and up to 15 ml of fluids. The underwear can be worn when slight urine leakage is expected such as after childbirth or menopause. If you suffer from heavy periods, anxious nights, or days when you don't want to leak, you can use it in combination with a tampon or sanitary napkin.

EVE uses materials that are environmentally and human-friendly, and free of toxic chemicals. They have obtained GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certification for its organic cotton, European eco-certification "Oko-tex standard 100" for its water-absorbent fabric, and the sustainability certification "Blue Sign" for its waterproof fabric. 

Product details: 

  • Materials: (layer 1) GOTS-certified Organic cotton 100%, (layer 2) Bamboo textile 100%, (layer 3) bamboo textile 100%, (layer 4) organic cotton 95%, spandex 5%, waterproof film 
  • Great for lower belly support during menstrual cramps
    • Country of Manufacture: South Korea
    • Discreet shipping 

    Taking care: 

    Before use, wash with liquid detergent or soap and dry naturally. You can use a washing machine, but avoid using a dryer, bleach, fabric softener, or iron as it may damage the water-absorbent fabric.

    Note: EVE period panty takes a little longer to dry. When you hang them out to dry, turn them inside out to make it dry quicker.  

    Tackling the taboo: 

    It’s time that all of us lived unapologetically free. Free from judgement. Free from self-doubt. Free to be yourself. 

    EVE creates products that are environmentally and human-friendly, and free of toxic chemicals. They use organic cotton sourced from cotton flower planted in soil that has not used pesticides for more than three years. The EVE period underwear has acquired KC mark, which means they have met standards of underwear for children age below 13. Without a doubt, this female-founded Korean brand has set a high standard of period care by prioritizing your sexual wellness.  


    吸水性オーガニック生理用ショーツ - EVE

    fermata storeで一番人気の吸水ショーツ!生理が始まりそうな日や、生理中に「履くだけ」でOK。洗って繰り返し使えるのでお財布にも環境にもやさしいのが嬉しいポイント。



    最大 5mlまで瞬時に吸水できて、15mlの吸水後でもサラサラした使用感が持続します。産後や更年期など、軽い尿漏れが予想される場合にもぜひご活用ください。




    • XS 80cm
    • S 85cm
    • M 90cm
    • L 95cm
    • XL 100cm 


    1層目... 肌に触れる部分はオーガニック繊維の国際認証(GOTS)を得たオーガニックコットン
    2層目... 吸水性のある天然竹繊維を使用
    3層目... 天然竹繊維をさらに重ねることで吸収力UP

    ・B-Corp 認証取得済み

    【外側】コットン 95%、ポリウレタン 5%
    1層目:コットン 100%
    2・3層目:レーヨン 70%(原料に竹を使用)、コットン 30%
    4層目:コットン 95%、ポリウレタン 5%

    ※オーガニックコットンはオーガニック繊維について生産から製造・販売まで、すべての工程の取り扱いについて定めた世界基準、GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard)認証を得た綿のみを使用しています。加えて、吸水生地に使われている素材はヨーロッパのエコ認証「Oko-tex standard 100」も取得しています。また、防水生地にはサステナビリティ認証の「ブルーサイン」を取得しているシンパテックスを使用しています。



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