Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra
Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra

Lilu Hands-Free Massage Bra

Lilu, Inc.,
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Brand: Lilu

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"The first hands-free pumping bra with automated gentle breast massage"

Lilu mimics soft & gentle motions recommended by lactation experts to help you express more milk in less time, so you can spend more time with your baby and most importantly, you.

Research shows that breast massage while breastfeeding can result in 50% more milk per session.

It can help alleviate clogged ducts and some of the discomfort that comes with engorgement (i.e. painfully overfull of milk).

While breast massage is helpful, the reality is massage makes pumping even more exhausting and time-consuming. So, this femtech company from the United States used technology to empower new moms and help them reach their breastfeeding goals.

  • The Lilu massage bra is highly adjustable as your body changes. Velcro shoulder straps and waistband for a perfect fit, allowing more freedom of movement while pumping. 
  • Ultra soft & breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial fabric for the best comfort.
  • Compatible with standard suction breast pumps and flanges for superior bottle support.    

* Pumping kit is NOT included in the Lilu package

Product Details:

  • What's included:
    1. Hands-free bra with pockets. Wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra. 
    2. Massage cushions.  It perfectly mimics massage motions recommended by lactation experts.
    3. Rechargeable controller. Turns the massage on/off and adjusts massage levels. Lasts for 2 hours of pumping.
    4. USB charging cable. Pro tip: you can charge the controller while pumping. 
    5. Bonus Carry pouch. Bring your setup with you anywhere. 
  • Fabric: 3 layers of fabric to provide optimal support while keeping it breathable. Made with cotton 23%, polyester 38%, spandex 2%, SBR Neoprene 37%
  • Lasts for a full day of pumping and rechargeable via micro-USB. 
  • No undressing needed. Simply wear it on top of a nursing bra or tank.
  • Low and high settings for massage strength
  • Invented in New York.  FDA registered. 
  • Sizing: 
    • To find your postpartum bra size, please add one band size and one cup size to your bra size on the chart if you’re pregnant 
    • Size S and M are availableIf you wish to have a larger size, please contact for pre-order. 

Wear Lilu in 4 easy steps: 



How to use Lilu: 


Caring for Lilu: 

  • Lilu can be washed by hand (recommended) or in a washing machine on a cold cycle. Remove the controller and massage cushions when washing.  
  • If machine washing, place the bra in a mesh bag to protect the straps
  • Lay the bra flat to air-dry
  • The Massage cushions and the controller can be cleaned with wet wipes in case they come in contact with milk. We recommend that you clean these parts at least once a week
  • You can wear the Lilu Massage Bra with these pumps:
    • Spectra S1 and S2™
    • Medela Pump in Style, Freestyle, Swing, Sonata™
    • Lansinoh™, Ameda™, Avent™, Baby Buddha™ - basically any pump with standard flanges.
*The Lilu Massage Bra is not currently compatible with the Willow, Elvie pumps and other wearable pumps.

User Support and Return Policy

The Lilu Massage Bra takes some time to get used to, so we ask that all moms that use Lilu try it for at least 15-20 days after they received it and opened it, to have the best possible experience.

  • We offer free size exchanges on unused bras within 30 days of the order delivery date. 
  • We offer free returns within 30 days of the order delivery date if Bra does not work out for you (for domestic customers).  Please contact us at 
  • All refunds on opened merchandise are subject to approval of the fermata Singapore.
    • If you are not fully satisfied with your Lilu Massage Bra, you can set up a virtual meeting with Lilu team to get help using the bra and make sure there are no defects inhibiting the bra's performance. Book a time here:  
    • To be eligible for free return or exchange, your Lilu Massage Bra must be in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging
  • We also offer a 1-year manufacture's warranty from the date of delivery on the Lilu Massage Bra in the event that it stops working or becomes defective. If you have any concerns with the product, please contact us at
  • If you're experiencing technical issues with the Lilu Massage Bra, please refer to the troubleshooting section in our help center. 

If you are purchasing outside of Singapore:

  • It is applicable for personal use only and not for reselling.
  • International shipping fee can be found on the Check-Out page. It shows the market rate at the time of purchase.
  • Custom fees and tax need to be paid by the buyer at the destination country if applicable. 

*The following table shows the approximate fees of international purchase in the respective currencies for reference, based on the exchange rate as of 10th Jan 2022.

Please note that these prices are subject to change based on the daily exchange rate applied by your credit card company and shipping rate. 


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Estimated Custom Tax and GST 65.00 0.00 2,000
Estimated total fee 692.00 230.00 21,800

Tackling the taboo:

Most moms dread going back to work because of pumping. Pumping is time-consuming, requires special equipment, and takes up a lot of time.

Mothers can spend over 500 hours pumping in the first year. It can be emotionally draining, but for most mothers, they will put in the effort for their little newborn. 

By having a femtech product such as Lilu, mothers can free up their time to relax or do whatever they want, notBlogs about Lilu User Review tying up their hands further. 

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