Disinfection Pot for Menstrual Cup - EVE
Disinfection Pot for Menstrual Cup - EVE
Disinfection Pot for Menstrual Cup - EVE

Disinfection Pot for Menstrual Cup - EVE

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Brand: EVE

A silicone-based disinfection pot that allows you to boil and disinfect your menstrual cups created by upscale Korean sexual wellness brand EVE.

Boiling is a highly recommended sterilization method for cleaning menstrual cups. However, for those who prefer a quicker routine, EVE’s disinfection pot allows you to sterilize your cup in just three minutes, using only your microwave.

How to use the pot:

  • Fill the disinfection pot with water and place the menstrual cup into pot
  • Place into  microwave and heat at 700W for 3 minutes
  • Discard water and dry menstrual cup and disinfectant pot
  • Pot can be used as a storage device for cleaned menstrual cup


  • We recommend cleaning the EVE Disinfection Pot before use
  • Please dry well after use as water droplets and moisture can cause deterioration and mold
  • If you want to remove your menstrual cup immediately after heating it in the microwave, use mittens or cloth to prevent burns.

Product details: 

  • Foldable disinfection cup for cleaning menstrual up 
  • Food-grade silicone, approved by the FDA 
  • Endurance temperature: -40 ℃ to + 250 ℃
  • SGS approved, FDA registered, RoHS certified 
  • Discreet packaging


Sexual issues are still taboo for many Asian countries, especially women. EVE is a sexual healthcare brand that was launched to change awareness of sexuality based on the core values ​​of "health," "nature," and "equality."

EVE products are for those who value themselves and their partners, those who pursue a sustainable life, and those who wish for the right to love themselves and someone with peace of mind.