kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker
kegg fertility tracker
kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker
kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker
kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker

kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker

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Brand: kegg


 The intuitive fertility tracker that helps you detect your fertile window and possible ovulation up to 7 days in advance.

kegg™ measures the electrolyte levels of cervical fluid, the key fertility sign that the body naturally produces as it approaches ovulation. 

As a bonus, you can opt in to perform kegel exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscle.

kegg is easy to use, rechargeable, and the tests take only 2 minutes per day!

Many women make kegg either a part of their morning or evening routine, using it while brushing their teeth or laying in bed.

Shaped like a kegel ball and smaller than an egg, kegg is a body-safe, medical device that takes the guesswork out of fertility tracking. 

Why cervical fluid?

Cervical mucus plays a critical role in fertility and conception. Sperm cannot survive in the female reproductive tract without cervical fluid to nourish and sustain them on the journey to the egg.

As a fertile window opens, the hormonal fluctuations create changes in the electrolyte levels of cervical fluid. kegg detects these daily changes and displays your fertile days in the free kegg app.

Did you know that ovulation only happens within one day? Once the egg is released from the ovary, it only has 12 to 24 hours to be fertilized. With the help of cervical fluid, sperm can be kept alive for a few days.

Women typically have the most fertile cervical fluid 2-3 days before ovulation. Intercourse on these days tend to offer the best chances for conception and kegg can help to predict a more accurate fertile window in comparison to probability-based options such as period tracking apps and counting methods.

When is kegg right for you?

kegg is recommended for women who:

  • Are within reproductive age
  • Have been off hormonal birth control for at least 3 months and have had at lease 2 menstrual cycles
  • Are not within 6 weeks of giving birth and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles beyond 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Are not currently breastfeeding
  • Ovulate regularly, with cycles ranging from 21-40 days in length

kegg is not recommended for women who:

  • Are looking for a contraceptive - kegg has not been designed nor tested for pregnancy prevention
  • Experience or have been diagnosed with any pelvic floor disorder
  • Are diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Have any active sexually transmitted diseases
  • Are currently using an IUD or any kind
  • Use daily vaginal douches, creams, or ointments
  • Use supplements or medications that induce Ovulation, or could impact the body's electrolyte levels

How to use: 

  1. Pick a consistent 2 hour time frame to take your reading each day. Find a comfortable position and connect your kegg with the app to start your reading.
  2. Fully insert the ball-shaped part of the kegg inside your vagina with the tail remaining outside, facing forward.
  3. You'll feel one vibration to signal that the reading has begun and two vibrations when the reading is complete.
  4. View your results on the cycle graph. you can record other fertility notes such as BBT, sexual activity, LH tests, and more. 

    Product details: 

    • Purchase includes: kegg fertility tracker, complete charging set, accompanying mobile app, plug adapter (from A to G type)
    • Size: At its widest point, kegg’s kegel ball is ~25.1mm in width. The body length is 50mm. To put this into perspective, the kegg device is about the size of a bottle of nail polish. 
    • Made from: 100% medical grade silicone, gold-plated stainless steel 
    • Doubles as a kegel ball
    • FDA registered in the United States and HSA registered in Singapore
    • Discreet packaging

     To learn more about kegg, head to their US site here. 

    If you are purchasing outside of Singapore:

    • It is applicable for personal use only with buyer's own responsibility and not for reselling.
    • International shipping fee can be found on the Check-Out page. It shows the market rate at the time of purchase.
    • Custom fees and tax need to be paid by the buyer at the destination country if applicable. 

    *The following table shows the approximate fees of international purchase in the respective currencies for reference, based on the exchange rate as of 31 July 2021.

    Please note that these prices are subject to change based on the daily exchange rate applied by your credit card company and shipping rate.

    Malaysia (MYR) Australia (AUD) Japan (JPY)
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    Estimated Shipping fee 20.97 30.30 2,586
    Estimated Custom Tax and GST 115.44 0.00 3,232
    Estimated total fee 1,290.81 404.00 35,714


    Fertility is more than about making babies.

    From understanding your body’s hormonal patterns after coming off birth control to connecting the dots between your cycle and unexplained symptoms (bloating, headaches, acne — sounds familiar?)

    kegg fertility tracking empowers women with knowledge about their own bodies. 

    Cervical fluid is a key fertility sign that reveals the hormonal changes throughout a woman’s reproductive cycle.

    But historically, women have only been able to access knowledge about their own cervical fluid patterns by using an “au naturel” way: with their fingers and some tissue paper.

    This method leaves a lot up to guesswork, especially for those struggling with irregular cycles. 

    At kegg, their 2-in-1 fertility tracker gives women an objective method to detect the fertile window and possible ovulation.

    Users highly praise the device because it requires only 2 minutes a day for testing, it is easy to use, and it gives them unique insight into their own cervical fluid pattern directly on the kegg app.

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