User Review for kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball

The kegg fertility tracker & kegel ball is one of our most visited pages on fermata Singapore and we have received many enquiries around it especially as a new type of fertility products seen in the market. 

  1. What is it exactly? 
  2. How does it work? 
  3. How do I use it?
  4. It looks difficult to use, is it true?

Instead of answering them in a standard FAQ, we thought it would be best to hear about it from two kegg users and their experience with the kegg fertility tracker and kegel ball.

Ms Meg*: started using a kegg in November 2020 and is currently pregnant (December 2021).


Ms Peggy*: started using a kegg in March 2021, on a hiatus due to a fertility treatment. 

(for anonymity reasons, these are not their real names. )

What made you start using kegg?

Meg: I thought using the kegg would help me keep track of my own menstrual cycle. After taking birth-control for 15 years to relieve menstrual cramps, I wanted to stop taking it as the risk of thrombosis would increase. 

Peggy: I was attracted by the ability to check and record my daily hormonal changes on a graph using the kegg. I have been trying to conceive for some time but with my menstrual cycle being unstable, it has caused a lot of problems. 

How was the experience of using it for the first time?

    Meg: As someone who does have experience using menstrual cups and insertion-type pleasure items, I got used to it quite quickly. The kegg is not something that requires any special method if you are used to using similar items like me. 

    I do like the way it tells me when the measurements are starting and ends through vibrating, it stops the guessing games of whether it is working. 

    Peggy: As my first time using an insertion device, I was a little worried for the first time but small & smooth egg-shaped device was easy to insert and I felt no pain. The two minute timer to calculate the measurements seemed a little long for me but after a few times, I found it easy to make it a habit to do something else like brushing my teeth first thing in the morning.

      How easy is the app to use?

      Meg: I was surprised at how smoothly the device and the app interfaced together, the data was reflected immediately after the measurement on the app. The app is not complicated, and I was able to measure and monitor with just simple operations.

      There is also a memo function to record manually - so you are able to not only record your temperature but also have record of sexual intercourse and contraceptive use (if needed).

           (memo screen to input records manually)

        Are the measurement results and graphs easy to understand?

        Meg: After I stopped using the pill, you can see there wasn’t a change in the movement on the graph (Graph 1) but one month later, the graph lines indicate movements of up & down (Graph 2) - I soon realized that this was a change in hormones. By consciously observing the changes in my discharge and comparing it to the graph, I was able to learn a lot about my own body. 

        To read and understand the graph may take some time to get used to but the chart is quite user-friendly as it changes color around the time of ovulation and indicates “likely” for the days where you may have a high chance for conception. 

                                         Graph 1                                          Graph 2

          Peggy:  My hormone movements are quite irregular and there are a lot of fluctuations daily but it was useful to see the “trend” displayed as a separate line so I was able to understand the movement on a more long-term axis. 
          The data accumulated is very detailed, marketing the day of measurement and the timings. As I have currently stopped tracking with kegg due to my fertility treatment, I wish I had used the kegg prior to my fertility journey to learn more about the hormonal changes and my body.

             (Graph 3) The actual measured values are shown as white dots, and the thin line is the graph based on the measured values. The pink dots are records of days when there was a gap in the measurement time. The thick line shows the trend. The green shaded area in the graph is the days when pregnancy is most likely to occur

            Do you use the pelvic training function?

            Meg: Except on busy days, I usually did the pelvic training before taking the daily measurements. The kegel training was easy, simply by following the instructions on the app to tighten and loosen the kegg several times. By any means, it is not a full-fledge workout but it is something I can do almost any day without difficulty. 

            Peggy: I did the kegel exercises for a set when I was doing the daily measurements. Prior to using the kegg, I had no knowledge of pelvic training or what the pelvic floor was - so it was a great opportunity for me to learn. I personally think it is a great bonus to prevent urine leakage in the future.

              Is there anything else that you noticed or wondered about?

              Meg:  During conception, I was not very good at taking my basal body temperature as I also felt it was unreliable for me so the kegg was definitely more suitable for me. I had used a urine ovulation checker at the same time and the results were the same so I trusted that the data that was generated by the kegg was accurate.

              I remember how happy I was to see the “Congratulations!” message when I got pregnant.

                Peggy: I got to know about kegg from a friend and it was the first time I purchased something from an overseas store - I am based in Japan.

                Since there was an explanation on how to use it on the fermata Japan page and a Japanese staff member followed up with me after the purchase, I had little worry over the important process. 

                Truth be told, I was concerned in the beginning about the price as I thought it was quite high but it would cost the same amount of money if I started to go to the fertility clinic - so if you are looking to start your fertility journey at home, then it is worth the investment.

                As my first FemTech experience, I was impressed by the technology that can read an ovulation date from my vaginal discharge and it is easily linked to an app.


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